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|| योग चित्तवृत्तिनिरोध ||

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|| ईश्वर प्रणिधानाद्वा ||

I came across yoga at a time I was suffering from severe neck stiffness and no medicines or physio therapies were helping. Manisha took me through all the asanas explaining in great detail their benefits, the procedure to get into a particular asana and breathing techniques. These asanas helped me relieve my stiffness and left me with an overall feeling of peace. Her explanation was so in depth that I still practice these asanas easily.

 Ameeta Pradhan, Thane

Manisha is a certified yoga professional with 20 years of experience.I would always look forward to her yoga sessions.It has improved my body stamina & I try to practice most of the asanas taught by her.Each asana was very well explained with its health benefits.It has also developed mental peace, positivity & focus in my life.Thanks a lot Manisha! I miss your sessions & have not found an expert like you. Best wishes

Mercy DSouza, TCS, Powai.

I liked doing the yoga sessions with Manisha. She explained each Asana with it's benefits which helped me understand it better. Overall it left me with a sense of well being and peace.

Saurabh Pradhan, Thane

I have opted for Day to day fitness training program. Manisha has a very good way of teaching Yogasanas and Pranayam. Within first 4 sessions itself I was feeling very good, fresh and energetic. The relaxation techniques (Shavasan and Nishpand bhav) conducted by her was really rejuvenating.

Mrs. Vimla Shah, Thane

I have got an opportunity to learn Yoga from her a year back. She gave me a very fresh and a new perspective  towards life in a holistic way.

I appreciate the way she mentors me and the whole batch and taught us different poses, benefits and how to adapt yoga as a lifestyle. She is having very advance knowledge of yoga and I would like to recommend her to everyone who wants to take a healthy approach towards life.

I am also practicing yoga every day along with change in diet which she recommends me for better results in my overall health.

Mahima Pathak, TCS, Powai.

I have been learning yoga with Manisha Chitnis for over a month now and it has been a remarkable journey so far.

Manisha is a very calm, patient and encouraging teacher. She has a thorough understanding of yoga and physiology, and takes great effort to explain not only the mechanics of performing the yogasanas, but also the correct form of breathing, the benefits to different parts of the body and finally, also the higher goal, that is the culmination of this process along with having a supple and flexible body.

In her gentle and firm manner, she moves ahead at a steady pace, always keeping in mind the ability of the student and offering constructive encouragement all along.

Her peaceful demeanor is very soothing...doing yoga under Manisha's guidance is something I look forward to...and don't like to miss a single class.

Alka Deshpande, Lodha Luxuria, Thane.

Hi my name is Tanisha Sharma and I had joined Manisha ma'am's yoga class 2 months back and I'm already pleasantly surprised with the results. Yoga has really helped me in my weight loss journey and in maintaining my mental and physical health. Manisha ma'am has always been a great mentor and she is very considerate. Yoga has really helped me escape from my mundane life.

Tanisha Sharma, Lodha Luxuria, Thane.

I know about the benefits of yoga but somehow always hated doing it. Apprehensively I started my sessions with Manisha and I must say, Manisha changed my perception completely. She takes us through the stretches and asanas with such ease simultaneously explaining the benefits of each pose. I feel very good due to the increase in flexibility and really enjoy and look forward to every session.

Babita Joseph, CLA - Lodha Luxuria, Thane

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